Name That Mac

This month's contest is called Name That Mac and we have 8 prizes to give away! Think you're clever enough to pick the perfect name for a menu item? Here's the details: 
We've got 8 new Mac n Cheese dishes that need names. Each dish is uniquely flavoured and feature our signature BBQ flavour. 

Your task: Name. That. Mac. 

We'll give you one key ingredient in our new mac dish, and you give us your best names for the product. 

The Winners: The best name for each new product will be selected and we'll use your product name on our product page, in advertising and on our websites. 

Just to make the deal extra cheesy, we'll send you home with an order of your custom-named Mac! 

Be sure to reference the mac you'd like to name in your submission.

Here are some key ingredients in each of our delicious macs:

1) Buffalo Chicken  5) Brisket.        
 2) Jalapeno  6) Plain            
 3) Jerk Pork  7) Bacon          
 4) Pulled Pork  8) Jerk Chicken









Use the form below to submit your answers and be sure to reference the mac name in your response!!

Good Luck!